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Buying his first camera with allowance money in the sixth grade, Don Kellogg has been and active photographer for over 55 years. Don has progressed from 35mm black and white wet darkroom techniques to medium format and then large format film capture. Recently he has been using Hasselblad V series equipment coupled with a Phase One P45 39 megapixel back. "I feel that using this equipment enables me to approximate the quality of large format film capture for most images," he states. The resultant image is then further refined in image editing and focus bracketing software. "The modern photographer uses essentially the same techniques albeit in a digital format that previous generations of photographers such as Ansel Adams laboriously achieved in the wet darkroom by dodging and burning and other time consuming maneuvers," he adds.

After extensive digital editing and test prints have been made the final image is printed on a wide carriage HP Z3200 printer. Archival digital photo papers and mounting techniques are used to achieve the final image which should far surpass the longevity of previously used techniques.

Although largely self taught, he has studied with eminent photographers though various workshops and seminars such as those presented by Charles Cramer, John Sexton, Jack Dykinga, Keith Walklet, Mark Citret, Mark Muench, Barbara Brundege, John Shaw, David Middelton, Art Wolf, Jeff Foote, Jay Dusard, Jim Stienberg, Lester Lefkowitz and Joseph Holmes. His work is displayed at the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital in Salinas, California and at their Conference Center at 5 Lower Ragsdale in Monterey, California. Numerous small businesses, interior designers and private collectors have purchased his work locally and across the nation. Don mounted a successful show "Pristine Light' at the Pacific Grove Art Center in May 2005. He has also presented his work at the Spiritual Renaissance Retreat in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Monterey, California on three different occasions. A show in the Rasmussen Art Gallery at Pacific Union College in Angwin, California opened on April 16, 2011.


Don is a retired plastic surgeon who is married and has five grown children and lives in the beautiful Corral de Tierra area of Monterey County, California.