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"Luminous is the best adjective in my lexicon to describe the work of Don Kellogg, fine art photographer. Don is an artist who has a way with light, and the images he captures, whether of winter brillance in Yosemite or evocative reflections in a Venice canal, strike the eye with radiant freshness."

- Bruce N. Anderson
Angwin, California, USA

"Don Kellogg has an incredible and highly developed ability to visualize a scene in nature, plan for the right light, photograph the scene, and produce a beautiful print of the image he saw."

- Karl Gregorius
Stockton, California, USA

"Don has had the good fortune to photograph in some of the most beautiful places on this planet. With his sensitive eye for light, and impeccable photogrphic technique, he has managed to capture and interpret some of the glory at these beautiful locations. "

- Lester Lefkowitz
New York, USA

"I'm an artist myself. I'll tell you this: Don's images are the images I imagine - the one I see in my mind'd eye, but can't get onto paper the way I imagined. I have images of his on the walls of my house, and enjoy them as much as when I first saw them. It's always a pleasure to view new images of his - whether of landscapes, or townscapes "

- Larry Frazier
Del Rey Oaks, California, USA